Apart hotels In India

Apart hotels or services apartments are best alternatives to hotels as they are relatively cheaper in price and easily affordable. They are about 25% less in price than the hotels. They are perfect for short stay. Moreover, apart hotels are well furnished too and provides proper amenities in cheaper prices than you need to pay for 5 star hotels under same kind of hospitality. But you need to look up for the best apart hotels as different apart hotels have different rates and facilities. Find the right one which is well furnished with decent price.

Aparthotels are often termed as services hotels, corporate housing and short stay hotels. These are generally preferred by people who came to city for short stay as executives, or for those who need a place to stay without moving in to the same city.

Those who love to feel like home while travelling too, the place is definitely suitable for them. They are having a home without worrying about cleaning and maintain it.

Aparthotels are fully furnished with curtains, satellite TV, modern appliances, 24 hour security, internet facility and other necessary amenities. They are impressively spacious where you can feel like home. Those who have experienced such living say, apart hotels are like ‘home away from home’.





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