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hot air balloon rides

Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in India


Best hot air ballooning in Jaipur, Rajasthan



Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan is popularly known as the pink city because of its unique pink color architecture. It is a magnificent city enriched with history, forts, architecture, temples, mountains and many other things. Best hot air ballooning are recent addition to its expedition lists and had gained much popularity in short period.

It is truly interesting way to get an ariel view of city which is lined with scenic mountains, buildings hustle bustle of city and other sight-full views. The idea of hot air balloon safari itself instills excitement of flying over lakes, mountains and witness beautiful scenery all around. Capture these magnificent sites from above the sky and make them forever engraved in memories.

The time during which these rides are available are early in morning and then the late afternoons as the wind velocity is favorable at this time of day. Roughly, you will be allowed to breathe in the scent of balloon flight for one hour. Inclusive of all prior arrangements, gearing up and taking off, the total time taken is about 3 hours. The hot air balloon rides takes you to different altitudes depending upon the weather and topography of the place. The maximum elevation reached in Jaipur is however is about 1200 feet approximately.

India is bestowed with best temperature for the hot air balloon rides. However, during uncertain conditions, people are informed beforehand of the danger involved. A hot air balloon rides can take upto 4 to 8 fliers at a time. The eligible age for hot air ballooning is above 5 years old as the passenger should at least have 1.5 meters of height. Besides this, there is no age restriction of any sort and you are allowed to stand the whole journey according to your wish.

The flights take off from the magnificent Amber fort of Jaipur. However, this is subject to changes according to the wind directions.



best hot air ballooning in Jaipur

Hot air ballooning in Jaipur

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari at Jaipur Starts From INR 9,000  (Per person).  Book Now

Best hot air ballooning in Pushkar, Rajasthan


Best hot air ballooning in Pushkar is an amazing experience. It’s a spectacular way of seeing Pushkar from a bird’s eye. What you will witness will fascinate your eyes! The slow and gentle waviness amidst the fresh air and views of vast deserts, lakes and high temples will left you in the awe of it.

Get ready to fly with the experienced professionals and enjoy the beauty of Pushkar from above the sky. The hot air ballooning flights are available twice a day from 5 in the morning and then 6:30 in the evening. The total time taken is about 3 hours which includes all the required arrangements and the flying time. Hot air balloon is taken up to different altitude depending on topography and weather conditions.



Best hot air ballooning in Pushkar makes you witness the colorful and lively lifestyle of Rajasthan at a glance. The most appropriate time for air ballooning is in the morning when the winds are calm and fresh. Enjoy the most of hot air ballooning in Pushkar during the Pushkar fair as the climate of Rajasthan is at its best at that time. Pure adrenaline rush lovers should definitely try this out while in Pushkar.

Winters are best suited for the hot air ballooning rides as the climate is soothing and cold air that sweeps your body makes you feel alive and full of excitement. During summers, the temperature of Rajasthan is not so favorable due to hot weather. Only early morning rides are possible during summers.

The hot air balloon has a capacity of about 4 to 8 passengers at a time. You may wish to stand or sit during the journey. But if you have to take full fun of the journey it’s advisable to stand and witness the exhilarating beauty of the city from a height. The entire view will leave you breathless and will be worth the money spent.



best hot air ballooning in pushkar

Hot air ballooning in Pushkar

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari at Pushkar Starts From INR 12,000  (Per person).  Book Now

Best hot air ballooning in Lonavala, Maharashtra


Lonavala is a resplendent hill station located amidst the cities of Mumbai and Pune. It is a famous tourist spot and with added facility of hot air ballooning, Lonavala is must go. It attracts round the globe tourists and viewing its spectacular beauty from height spread wonders. The adventure seekers and lovers are all up for hot air ballooning in Lonavala.

Seeing the hot air balloons flying in the city is tempting enough to give it a try. Hot air ballooning in Lonavala is available round the year so you can have fun and experience the balloon safari when you wish like. The aerial view  of its breathtaking natural beauty, Sahayadri Mountains, the waterfalls, forested hills and lush greens left you awestruck by its beauty. Witnessing these through a hot air balloon is like an icing on the cake.

Free flying in the air in the direction of wind would exactly be you picture in your dreams. The height and openness all around is an awesome feeling within and the memories that are cherished forever. You can easily snap and capture pictures that become your memento for life. Seeing a picturesque hill station from a hot air balloon is twice the fun as watching it from land.




The timings for hot air ballooning in Lonavala also go with the morning blaze. Early morning at 5:30 am is perfect for hot air ballooning due to right velocity of wind. The maximum height reached by the air balloon is about 4000ft. It goes up from the Mumbai Pune expressway sweeping through the mystic Sahayadri hills. When the sun runs hits the hills, the view that brightens the Western Ghats vegetation is beyond imagination. Seeing it from a height make it even more fascinating.

Lonavala is open for balloon year throughout the year but the timings differ according to the climate that follows. Gear up and be ready to fly with our professionals over the hill station of Maharashtra.



best hot air ballooning in Lonavala

Hot air ballooning in Lonavala

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari at Lonavala Starts From INR 9,800  (Per person).  Book Now

Best hot air ballooning in Neemrana, Rajasthan


Gear up and get ready for the hot air ballooning at Neemrana and experience the very exhilarating journey. Float over the towns, mountains ranges, forts and lakes and dwell the images of Indian culture into eyes. Hot air ballooning truly enables to witness the ruins, scattered mountains, clusters of huts and a lot more.

We provide this experience in affordable prices with our experienced pilots and full safety arrangements. Get the over view of Neemrana fort from the amazing ride of hot air balloon. It’s a thrill filled experience where along with spectacular views you would enjoy your ride in the air as in float in the direction of winds.

No seat or harness to tape you at a place. Enjoy by standing and roaming in the space available, have tea and snacks and make the best of two hours of journey. In Neemrana, the rides are given at early hours of dawn and than in the hours of dusk. It may vary during the whole year due to uncertainly of winds and climate of place. Usually, the time fixed is around 5:30 in morning and 4 in the evening. Morning flights are more smooth, fresh and enjoying than the evening rides.


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Safety is our foremost concern. We ensure safety rides through proper examination of hot air balloon and prior accessing the weather. The standard limit for the number of passengers in a ride is about 4 to 8 people.

The hot air balloon is like free flying in the air and witnessing the ever spectacular beauty of the city, villages, culture and an overall sight where not a inch will be missed. There is no restriction as such regarding the age of passengers. The flight will take you to different altitude. More the altitude, more the fun increases. Just imagine it and you’ll be thrilled with the idea.



best hot air ballooning in Neemrana

Hot air ballooning in Neemrana

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari at Neemrana Starts From INR 12,000  (Per person).  Book Now

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