Top 10 Spa Hotels of 2017 

Taking out time for yourself when you have to manage an office with home can be challenging. But not anymore! All thanks to the awesome spa and the treatments provided by them, you can now easily maintain a balance between work and beauty on the go.

Spas not only attract modern women but working men also like to relax and rejuvenate their body with exotic spa treatments. Likewise, Delhi is loaded with the finest spa and excellent beauty treatment places. With the most of the spa centers located inside top hotels in Delhi, you can now expect the best administration and luxury more than ever. Hence providing an ideal mix of rejuvenation, Ayurveda treatment and therapeutic experiences to the customers, a luxury hotel is incomplete without spa services.

A lot of hotels now offer amazing spa services as a peaceful addition to your family vacation, breaks and getaways. Many established spas offer exclusive treatments for their guests like hot spring therapy, medical spa procedure, zero gravity massage or spiritual wellness and fitness/ meditation exercise as well. Nowadays, spas treat with an exclusive atmosphere too. Many of spa treatments are connected to the different area including indulgence, beauty, and health and pampering.

If you want to enjoy and relax your body with above facilities, these are the places you should refer:


1)  The Imperial Spa And Salon, The Imperial

LOCATION: situated centrally at Janpath, New Delhi.

The Imperial Spa And Salon


Imperial serves you pure royalty and gives you no way to question it. An experience like never before, this spa serves their visitors with absolute flawlessness. The Imperial is the best place to visit if one is searching for an ideal place to de-stress your body and recapture quality and significant serenity. They offer you a long list filled with various types of massages, treatments, spa and an atmosphere that effectively transform your upsetting days into a significantly satisfying one. Beauty treatment and therapy at the Imperial has the capacity to make you feel energetic and pleasant.

2)  Espa, The Leela Place

LOCATION: Back streets of Chanakyapuri

Espa, The Leela Place


You know you are at the correct door when you stroll through the corridors of The Leela Palace’s ESPA. The atmosphere of The Leela Palace will leave you feeling tranquil and de-worried before you finish your refreshing spa.

The Leela Palace is well known for providing their visitor’s world-class administrations. They have a relaxation room, health café and fitness studio in addition. ESPA is for sure a standout amongst other spots for a spa in Delhi. Treat yourself here with Global massage and Ayurvedic medicines in the diffused lighting and sweet smelling vibe. A spa at ESPA may cost you around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 11000.

3)  The Oberoi Spa, The Oberoi

LOCATION: Situated on Dr.Zakir Hussain Marg in South Delhi

The Oberoi Spa, The Oberoi


The Oberoi Spa is the one for you if you want to achieve a peaceful break with an additional offer of comprehensive experience for yourself. Tranquil feeling, world-class reviving treatments and medications and a great blend of western and eastern therapies, The Oberoi is the best known for it. Its ability to provide the massages with ancient Hindu art of medicines is the best therapy that you will be getting to relax your long week and head to a composed one. The relieving atmosphere that runs with a peaceful condition is the plus point why you ought to visit The Oberoi spa.

4)  The Lodhi Spa, Lodhi

LOCATION: Situated inside the Grand Lodhi Hotel, Lodhi Road, South Delhi

The Lodhi Spa, Lodhi


We are discussing some truly incredible spa benefits here and trust us; this spa at The Lodhi Hotel accepts its position truly. In reality, this spa is a great challenge to others as it has additionally been named as the best place for beauty benefits in Delhi. The zero-gravity relaxation combined with the Turkish hammam with the blend of herbal medicines and the other restoration treatments are your chances of getting an impressive day there. The hair session and yoga sessions are likewise some of the attractive components there.

5)  Amatrra Spa, Ashoka Hotel

LOCATION: Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Amatrra Spa, Ashoka Hotel


Amatrra has been listed among the top holiday spot and spa that are available in India and has additionally been granted the title of “Greatest Day Spa” by AsiaSpa. At Amatraa, we are experiencing an exceptional mix of the ancient health therapy with crystal gazing. And in the end of all, you will be bestowed with peaceful mind, healthy skin and total rejuvenation which the final destination everyone looks for. You should simply trip to the Ashoka Hotel that believes in all its fortitude at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi and let the spa do the enchantment for you.

6)  Aman Spa, Aman Resort

LOCATION: Lodhi Estate, New Delhi

Aman Spa, Aman Resort


As the name proposes, this spa is full of serenity. Spa and Therapy at Aman Spa are more like a dreamlike setting for a flawless day. They have a perfect blending list of treatments that rose from Middle Eastern and Western countries and the supreme atmosphere capable of de-stressing your body.

Relax with reflexology, naturopathy, needle therapy and Vastu and much more in the similar lineage. Go through the variety of treatments, therapies, and spa accessible here and pick the most reasonable treat to enjoy. Likewise, the dim- lit therapy rooms, the comfortable condition are enough to visit and try this magnificent spa situated in Delhi at Lodhi Estate.

7)  Kaya Kalp Spa, Intercontinental Hotel

LOCATION: Arranged in East of Kailash in South Delhi

Kaya Kalp Spa Intercontinental Hotel


The peaceful environment and superb spa administrations at Kaya Kalp Spa are incomparable! Rejuvenation therapy and top notch back rub are the most appreciated features of Kaya Kalp spa likewise an ideal blend of eastern and western practices offer visitors the perfect sort of administration. This Chirapsia Knead here is a real treatment which is highly prescribed, inclusive of the Ayurveda. Trust me! You will never forget this extraordinary touch compared to other spa spots in Delhi.

8)  Aura Spa

LOCATION: situated inside The Park, Connaught Place.

Aura Spa


Alright, Aura spa is some of the most loved spas places in Delhi, because of their incredible administration and fabulous atmosphere available at moderate costs. This is right place where you can look for a great deal which provides you the best experience at a reasonable rate. The magical fragrance and partially lit room bring you calm. Relax with incredible spa benefits that Aura embraces you with. Health massage along with the beauty treatment is the specialty of this place. Aura spa is elegantly situated in the heart of the top hotel in Delhi, The Park in Connaught Place. The herbal medications and treatment enchant your soul, body, and psyche offering you an awesome getaway from repetitiveness and stress.

9)  Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center

LOCATION: Situated at Andheria Modh on Mehrauli- Gurgaon Road

Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Center


This treatment center is arranged at Andheria Modh on Mehrauli- Gurgaon Road and owned by peers and folks who are professional in Ayurveda medicines. And as you can feel it from the beautiful name of the hotel itself, it proposes that this treatment center is capable in offering all encompassing ayurvedic spa encounter. Alongside restoration and excellence medications, this center has practical experience in offering medical advantages through various back massages. The calm yet simple atmosphere with normal lights likewise enhances the accomplishment of this extraordinary spa in Delhi. You can experience an exclusive makeover bundle here which has Abhyangam, Netradhara, and Shirodhara. All the treatments, medications and therapies are priced between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000. Now the medical advantages can be achieved at moderate costs.

10)  Jiva Spa, Taj Hotel

LOCATION: Situated on the Man Singh Road, New Delhi

Jiva Spa, Taj Hotel


Set on the tenth spot in the arrangement of the top 10 spas doesn’t lessen Jiva’s charm and magic as compared to the others. It is counted in one of the top spas in Delhi. The spa experience at Jiva is crediting and one cannot easily forget as they offer you best spa admirations and ayurvedic treatments in Delhi. Pamper yourself; breathe new life into and re-energize yourself at Taj Hotel, Delhi. It’s an elusive search for the hectic reality at Jiva can be benefited through restroom, steam showers, Jacuzzi, swimming, and yoga. Jiva by Taj provides you with the best personal time!


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