Boathouse in India

Kerala, a city of backwaters and Kashmir, known as the heaven on earth are the two tourist places India famous for its boathouses in India.
The number of houseboat craftsmen has drastically numbered up in number noticing the tourist’s interests in them. But only a few of them are real craftsmen who possess unique skills to craft them.The art of twisting ropes to convert them into amazing structures is present in the hands of people of Kerala. The luxurious houseboats in India are very comfy for an overnight stay on waters. Moreover, they are eco-friendly as are designed through natural means like bamboos, canes, coconut ropes etc.

The boathouses in Kashmir are yet another impressive evidence of creativity. But unlike the houseboats of Kerala, they usually float at the shoreline of the Dal Lake. These are intricate wooden out structures of house with enough space. It may contain three bedrooms, a living room and kitchen and may vary according to the size of the boat. They are very luxurious, divine and comfortable to live in. With the slow surging of water waves, serene atmosphere all around, boathouses in India are ultimate fun to experience.

The boathouse of Kashmir is closely related to the culture and tradition of the region. All the facilities are provided in the boathouse with time to time just like in a normal hotel.

Experiencing boathouses in India is a delightful experience and you’ll never really wish returning to your home. It’s the swirling of boats at calm waters, birds chirping around in the ethnic atmosphere of Kashmir and Kerala which makes it more enthralling and admiring.





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