Campsites in India

Campsites in India are increasing at a fast rate witnessing the tourist’s interest towards them. Below are some of the best campsites in India which will leave you pacing towards them on your next expedition.

  1. Tsomoriri camp

Tsomoriri is the highest situated lake in the world, which means it mostly remains freeze for most part of the year. Camping near the freezing water will not only chill your nerves with adventure but you’ll get to notice various nature’s movements live in front of your eyes.

  1. West Ladakh Camp

West Ladakh Lake is situated near Indus River. Camping near the proximity of this lake is another magnificent moment. You’ll have around you the big rocks, trees of willow and apricot and the open sky above you. Isn’t it enticing!

  1. Sangla Valleyy camping

It is a famous historic camping site in India in the vicinity of Himalayas. The best time to camp is from June to October which offers you respite during the scorching heat of the city.

  1. Watermark camp

Mark yourself at the campsite of watermark camp. It is a camping area near Pangong Lake, the known salt water lake in the world. Spend time in the calmness of lake and witness the change in hues of lake water is all you have got to do. The spectacular images before you will mesmerize you like nothing.

  1. Sarchu Camp

En-route your trip from the Manali Leh highway and you will find yourself in the sordid atmosphere of Sarchu camp. The campsite is present near the Tsarap Chu River.

These are some of the campsites in India which should not be missed despite circumstances!







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