Inns is a place most travelers may walk in without prior reservation. They are small in size and do not have all the luxuries star class hotels provide but are yet considered very homely. They have clean rooms, with clean linen, but unlikely to have other technological advanced facilities such as television, high speed internet, or may not even have a hair dryer and laundry facilities. Since most of the travelers stop over just for a overnight stay, the facilities on offer in a inn will be adequate for them.

There are Inns which are less formal and are likely to be run by families, whose members may do the cooking, serving, housekeeping and everything that has to be done to run the inn. Some people may go there just for a drink and a meal, while others may stay on over night. There are inns that do not have any lodging facilities and is only a place to offer alcoholic and other beverages. Some Inns offer a bed and breakfast service while other Inns offer all meals. Some may even function only as a restaurant and offer food and beverages for non resident customers.

The price is certainly much less than a star class hotel and therefore some holiday makers with limited finances may even find a cosy inn for a getaway and holiday.

Being a small unit, the staff is likely to be attentive and less formal which allows them to build a good relation with the customers. The atmosphere is generally very friendly and their services may not be limited, what is listed. As their prime concern is to ensure that their customers are happy and will return again, they go that extra mile to make them comfortable and to ensure their stay is enjoyable and memorable.





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