Homestays In India

India is a country where guests are treated equivalent to god. Indians are fascinated by their guests and homestays are one of the ways of showing their hospitality. In a homestay, the guests are either invited in their own home and get mingled up all together, have fun with breakfast and tea or are rather given separate quarters. Now-a-days, homestays in India are just as comfy and perfect place to stay as budget hotels and resorts.

Benefits of homestays in India

  • Homestays are definitely for those who are looking forward to stay in places other than the sterile hotels. And for those who crave the Indian hospitality and the fun of living in havelis, cottages and mud huts.
  • In homestays, you are given more personalized attention from the owner. You got to know more about the tradition, food and culture of the place. India being a country of diverse cultures and traditions, every place you visit has a story of its own.
  • You are provided the home cooked food, directly from the kitchen where you are staying. It has a different taste of its own different from the foods of hotels and restaurants. You feel more homely and lively here.

Experience the true hospitality by staying at homestays of India.







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