1) Hot Air Balloon in Pushkar, Rajasthan


Hot air balloon in Pushkar is an amazing experience. It’s a spectacular way of seeing Pushkar from a bird’s eye. What you will witness will fascinate your eyes! The slow and gentle waviness amidst the fresh air and views of vast deserts, lakes and high temples will left you in the awe of it.


Get ready to fly with the experienced professionals and enjoy the beauty of Pushkar from above the sky. The hot air ballooning flights are available twice a day from 5 in the morning and then 6:30 in the evening. The total time taken is about 3 hours which includes all the required arrangements and the flying time. Hot air balloon is taken up to different altitude depending on topography and weather conditions.



Hot air ballooning in Pushkar makes you witness the colorful and lively lifestyle of Rajasthan at a glance. The most appropriate time for air ballooning is in the morning when the winds are calm and fresh. Enjoy the most of hot air ballooning in Pushkar during the Pushkar fair as the climate of Rajasthan is at its best at that time. Pure adrenaline rush lovers should definitely try this out while in Pushkar.


Winters are best suited for the hot air ballooning rides as the climate is soothing and cold air that sweeps your body makes you feel alive and full of excitement. During summers, the temperature of Rajasthan is not so favorable due to hot weather. Only early morning rides are possible during summers.


The hot air balloon has a capacity of about 4 to 8 passengers at a time. You may wish to stand or sit during the journey. But if you have to take full fun of the journey it’s advisable to stand and witness the exhilarating beauty of the city from a height. The entire view will leave you breathless and will be worth the money spent


hot air balloon rides


2) Hot Air Ballooning At Ranthambore, Rajasthan


Hot air ballooning in parts of Rajasthan is a recent addition to the lists of its expedition. Known as balloon safari, this thrilling aerial activity is a one hour ride over the cities of Rajasthan.


Hot air ballooning in Ranthambore is all about viewing the flora and fauna, its rich bio diversity as it is the dwelling place of one of the largest national forest reserves in the world. The fascinating view from above the sky makes Ranthambore even more beautiful. If you may be lucky you may come across rare bird specie flying over the forests. The green canopy of trees and getting sights of animals and birds in the thick woods is the most exciting part of hot air ballooning in Ranthambore.



Hoot air ballooning is a disciplined activity which require strict instructions to be followed before setting your heart beating high from excitement. The most suitable for hot ballooning safari in Ranthambore is in early morning with the first stroke of sun rays hitting the earth. Early morning timings from about 5:30 are favorable as during this time of day the winds are calm and best for flying in the air.


Hot air ballooning ride is about 1 hour fly from where you got to witness each and every oblivious places too which sometimes get lost during road trip. The over the top view enables to catch glimpses of all the terrains, the fine culture of city, the calmness that resides over cities during mornings.




The standard capacity of a hot air balloon is about 4to 8 passengers which can vary according to the size of the balloon. The hot air balloon takes you to different altitudes which make its more fun and thrilling.


Our professionals take due care of your safety and perform prior arrangements and checks before taking off in the air. Enjoy our service at Ranthambore!



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