1) Wildlife Safari At Jim Corbett National Park, Uttrakhand

Initially established under the name Hailey national park, Jim Corbett national park is the one oldest park in national parks in India. It is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its royal Bengal tiger found in its wildlife sanctuary. The park is enriched with 488 species of flora and fauna. It is spread in a area of about 521sq km. situated among the foothills of Himalayas, it is gifted with suitable landscapes which is very fair for ecological balance.

If you are seeking for adventure, you are an animal lover and lovebird watching and want to spend time in the wilderness of nature, the place is very suitable for you. The wildlife safari offers a great experience and gives you a chance to have a closed watch on the animals doing.

You are required to book a safari for you beforehand. During weekends, only 60 vehicles are allowed inside the Jim Corbett at a time. There are various zones in the Jim Corbett suitable for wildlife safari. Some of them are Jhira, Bijrani, Dhikala, Durga Devi, Sonanadi etc. there are also various suitable resorts around the area for the lodging. Accommodations at these resorts are up to mark with proper facilities provided.

The favorable season to visit Jim Corbett Park can be in summers between March to June. The heat keeps the animals at bay and you can easily enjoy the feel of being in the woods. However, the best period to visit is from November to June. The season before and after monsoon is best for spotting animals and enjoy the scenic beauty. The park remains closed from mid June to mid November due to heavy rains in the region.

Get close to nature with us and experience the best holidays in Nainital at the Jim Corbett national park. Explore more of Nainital, its lakes and mall roads and make the best for your time.

Jim Corbet National Park

2) Wildlife Safari At Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge-National Parks in India

In the prime vicinity of Bandhavgarh national park, is situated the Bandhavgarh jungle lodge. It is a themed lodge made for accommodation facilities for the tourists. It is like an Indian village with cottages, huts and villas. The cottage contains 13 twin bedrooms, and the 2 villas contain 4 rooms each. Some of these villas and cottages also include a central courtyard encircling them. All of the rooms are furnished with all the required facilities. Each of them includes bathrooms, work desk, chairs, racks for luggage, proper lighting etc.

The dining hall is the spectacular place. It includes an open dining hall of 40 seats where you are served hot and ravishing Indian and continental food. You can also find a library here if you are a book lover. You can feel the fresh air and enjoy reading in the courtyard. Enjoy gazing at the stars and you can safely let your children play on swings. At the circular porch called golghar you can enjoy breakfast while roaming around.

The lodge is purposely made with the view to keep the natural beauty alive. The fruits and vegetables used in meals are the product of its own organic farm organized in the lodge. The farms use natural manure like vermi composting in the process. The area is full of medicinal plants which are a place open to tour. Moreover, they believe in conservation of environmental resources and thus use solar panels for generation of electricity. It helps in providing hot water in bathrooms, in cooking and in solar water heaters.

The Bandhavgarh national parks in India provides for safaris, bird sighting and elephant rides. All these activities are provided under close supervision of experts and wildlife specialists. Love to see the animals from close and spot them doing funny activities. Apart from this, there are myriad of fun activities performed at the lodge. You can gaze at the open sky at night; play badminton volleyball, chess etc.

Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge

3) Wildlife safari at kajiranga National Park

Kajiranga national park is located in the sub districts of Nagoan and Golaghat in Assam. It is spread over in an area of around 40kms in length and 10kms in width. It is renowned for its population of one horned rhinoceros. It contains about two-third population of one horned rhinoceros in the world. It also is known for having highest density of tigers as per tiger Reserve survey in 2006.

Kajiranga is an excellent place of witnessing tigers, their pug marks and other visuals. The forest provides best camouflage through its tall grasses, trees and wonderful environment to hide. Apart from tigers, the national park is the home to wild water buffaloes, elephants, and swamp deer etc.

The accommodation facilities near Kajiranga national park are top notch with scenic beauty, perfect tranquility, furnished rooms, tasty cuisines and wonderful staff.

The Kajiranga national park remains open from November to end of April. However, it may get shut down during exceptional heavy rains and during unfavorable weather conditions. At times, it is partially opened in months of May and October if perfect weather persists.


Wildlife safari in Kajiranga includes the elephant and jeep safari, both are equally enjoyable and adventurous. Elephant safari usually takes places in morning for about an hour or two. It is best way to explore the forests. It takes to places named Baguri, Arimarah, Mihimukh, hole path etc. jeep safaris are also most pleasant during morning hours and continues for about 3 to 4 hours. They also take in afternoons. Through jeep safaris you can witness animals like bear, elephant, python, monitor lizard and other varied species. Bird sighting is also a serene activity to opt for.

The rich and dense forests and intense topography of Kajiranga national park makes it a wonderful place to visit for tourists, adventure enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Avail our services and make your journey even more memorable and fun.

Kajiranga National Park

4) Wildlife Safari At Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Ranthambore national park is known as biggest national park of northern India. The park is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan which about 130kms from Jaipur. At the times of rule of maharajas, these were the famous hunting grounds for them. But now, it is famous tourist spot and attracts a lot of animal photographers, animal lovers and adventurers.

It is spread in an area of about 392sq km. it is coupled with other nearby sanctuaries like Man sigh sanctuary and Kaila Devi sanctuary. The park specifically is famous for its tigers and the only place in India where you can see them these predators in their natural habitat.

The wildlife safari at Ranthambore is the highlight of the trip to this national park. The tiger safaris at are best in the months of April to June. As due to heat they are often found relaxing and drinking waters from streams and rivers. The safaris are available two times a day i.e. 5 in the morning and from 2 in the afternoon.

Other wildlife attractions found in Ranthambore are leopards, Crocodiles, striped hyena etc. we are a team of wildlife experts and well trained safari that make the trip easy and enjoyable for the tourists. The wildlife safari is available from Oct to June and for rest of year the park is closed for visitors.

We provide appropriate accommodation facilities in resorts and hotels near the park itself. They finely provide all the necessary amenities required according to your budget. Apart from wildlife safari they are various other places you can visit like Bakaula, Kachida valley, Lakarda and Anantpura.

The wildlife package to Ranthambore national park includes tiger tours, weekend packages bird watching tours and others. All these trail packages take about open to two days to fully enjoy them. Get acquainted to our affordable and viable services and make the best of your vacations this year.

Ranthambhore National Park

5) Wildlife Safari At Bandipur National Park

Bandipur national park is one of Indian’s natural heritage. It is nestled among the spellbound beauty of towering Western Ghats, on the highway of Mysore-Ooty in Karnataka. The Bandipur national park covers a wide area of about 874.2 sq. km.it is probably Indian’s biggest biosphere stretch commonly known by ‘Nilgiri biosphere reserve’.

The wildlife safari at this national park is a must go! The thrilling adventure that follows among the wilderness of nature is amazing. There are proper camping facilities available and resorts that provide accommodation too close to biosphere. There are special suites made in which you can gaze at the beauty of nature from your rooms. They are equipped with floor to ceiling windows.

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Wildlife safari is about 2 hours ride to the exhilarating adventure in a jeep. The jeep is guided by a specialist to such excursions. You need to be very attentive to witness the pug marks of animal. You’ll see a variety of animals indulged in some sort of activity or another which is the best part of safari. The elephants with bamboo, peacock in a happy mood, herds of deer make your trip successful. You are sure to witness such animals on your way and you don’t have to be visit with a mood of uncertainty. You can also luckily spot the big cats at the project tiger reserve on your wildlife safari.

Apart from this, you can have a trip to the local village nearby and enjoy the local life. The sun set view and spotting deer gathering is another galvanizing view. There are more to add to your day at this place and where you stay. The enticing cuisine served at dinner is what you need at a day’s end. The local food, south Indian to barbecues, the restaurant takes care of all your choices.

We take due care of your entertainment, lodging and food. Make the best of wildlife safari at Bandipur national park with us.

National Parks in India-Bandipur National Park

6) Wildlife Safari At Sunderban Tiger Camp

Sunderbans is a popular name related to Tiger reserve in Kolkata, India. It is also known for being one of the largest forests of mangroves in the world.It lies to the south east of Kolkata. The sunderbans are famous for its tiger reserve.

The sunderbans tiger camp and wildlife safari of Sunderbans is enthralling. It’s a perfect place for wildlife and nature lovers as it is a home of variety of animal and bird species, crocodile estuaries and much more to see. It is a perfect sight for those who crave adventure to the core. Camping at the sunderbans is best part of this fascinating journey. Sunderbans tiger camp is flushed with proper accommodation facilities and equipped with all the essentials. Excursion got real fun when camping become a part of it.

Sunderbans tiger camp is a well maintained resort which offers number of spacious and comfortable rooms in tents, cottages, huts under different categories. Each room contains a twin bed, toiletries and other proper sanitary facilities. The wildlife safari provided by them is unforgettable and one of its kind.

You’ll reach at the sunderbans tiger camp at around 2 in the evening.From there you’ll be preceded to Sajnekhali tiger project area by boat. There you will visit some of the attractions like museums and tower. You can enjoy the warmth of bonfire and folk dances around it. It is living-up-your-life-to-your-fullest type feeling. The dinner is also served according to the local culture and you find yourself blended in the taste of their food.

Next day, the most exciting part is the boat cruise through dense forests and among mangrove trees. The thin alley of water between the forests will leave you spellbound by its beauty. You’ll be back till noon and would be provided with snacks and tea. The enticing dinner will be served at night.

Next day, you will be back at Kolkata where you can visit some famous attractions as per your choice.

Sunderban Tiger Camp


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