Paragliding in Near Gurgaon


Seeking for a nerving and thrilling adventure, you can try for paragliding in Gurgaon. Paragliding is one of the most adventurous sports for those who love to get high, love the pure adrenaline rush and the whole 360 degree view from above the sky.

Unlike the other air activities, paramotoring is quite simple than paragliding and hand gliding. It consists of a powered paraglider, a motor; a cage with a propeller fitted and cushioned seats with a harness. All these things are together mounted on a base with wheels.  Above the cage are attached the two paragliding wings which makes the framework complete. Commonly used paramotors make use of two small engines run by oil and gasoline.


This type of paragliding in Gurgaon is almost open throughout the year. You’ll find the paragliding space near the West in Sohna Resort and Spa. The usual time fixed by the organizers for the activity is from 5 am in the early morning and 6 pm in evening. However, the timings may change according to weather conditions and with respect of change in seasons. The heart throbbing, blood pumping paramotoring last for about 1 hour including all the briefing, methods, and precautions and how you need to deal the situation, take off, landing etc. the distance covered while paramotoring above the land is about 6 to 24km, varying on your choice. It is an easy and fun ride where you can get fully astonish by the beauty of skyscrapers, building and above the city view.



While paramotoring you are accompanied by experts and professionals pilots who know their work very well. They are acquainted with the safety standards and be at your side the whole journey. The equipment’s attached are thoroughly checked before very take off, as life of both pilot and customer is very precious.


Thus, paragliding in Gurgaon is full package of fun, adventure and happy times. Paragliding in NCR region is a dream come true for the people who live in Gurgaon, Noida and other NCR region who can’t take off time from their schedule to visit hill stations.


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