Bungee jumping, skydiving and paragliding — here are the top nine destinations across India to head to for an adrenaline rush.

Rishikesh, Bangalore and Lonavala are good locations for paragliding. “Might as well Jump….Go ahead and Jump !” Though Van Halen sang it metaphorically, today, on the World Jump Day, one can take the liberty to imbibe these words literally. Travel-tech startup Wander trails have come up with top nine destinations in India that offer jumping sports:

Bungee jumping

1. Rishikesh:

Rishikesh has the highest bungee jumping spot in India , with a height of 83m and is the only destination with a fixed platform to jump from, which is a cantilever structure that extends out over a cliff to give the amazing height.

2. Bangalore, Karnataka:

This one is for the more adventurous souls out there. With no fixed platforms, the jump has to be made from a 25m platform which is suspended from a 40m high crane.

3. Lonavala:

Sandwiched between Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is the perfect location which offers the safest jumping experience in India from a height of 45m. The sport involves a freefall as you gaze at the beautiful landscape below. * Skydiving

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4. Mysore, Karnataka:

Located just a few hours from Bangalore, Mysore is fast becoming the top destination for skydiving in the country. Nestled at the Chamundi hills in Mysore, the camp offers options ranging from tandem jumps to accelerated free falls, after professional training for two to three days.

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5. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh:

The first ever skydiving camp in India was set up in Dhana, a picturesque town next to Bhopal which offers a 4,000 ft freefall as you gaze at the beautiful landscape below. Bir Billing is India’s home for paragliding. (Shutterstock) * Paragliding

6. Bir Billing:

With a total of 11 locations in Himachal Pradesh, the state is India’s home for paragliding . But this tiny village is the world’s second best site for paragliding with a paragliding journey that will last 30 minutes.


7. Kamshet:

For the people of Mumbai, the Tower hills offer a brilliant view of the box-shaped houses of the Kamshet village and offer a paragliding experience of a lifetime. […]


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